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Tuzikov Andrey Rimovich, Doctor of sociological sciences, professor, dean of the faculty of industrial policy
and business administration, Kazan National Research Technological University (Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan,
68 Karla Marksa str.), Andrey Tuzikov
Zinurova Raushaniya Il'shatovna, Doctor of sociological sciences, professor, director of the Institute of Innovations Management, Kazan National Research Technological University (Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan,
68 Karla Marksa str.), Raushania Zinurova

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The article deals with the problems of universities’ innovation culture. Special attention is given to the analysis of the main challenges to social and economic development of Russia. New senses of knowledge and education are studied through sociological data interpretation. On the background of formation of a new technological setup and new social practices the necessity of revaluation of such routine ideological imperatives as total marketization of social and economical activity increases. Results of research let us argue that now there are two trends in interpretation of knowledge. The first one is to think about knowledge in market terms. The second is to interpret knowledge as public good and something that should be made accessible for many people. The last issue is regarded as an important condition of innovation development and «knowledge society» formation. The authors also discuss the potential and the role of the universities in innovation development. The main condition of strengthening the role of the universities in Russian society is connected with the process of innovation culture establishment.

Key words

innovation development, cultivating of innovations, innovation culture, knowledge society, higher education.

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